Quick Log

Rough Timeline:

House, Jim, and Snakeskin enter a graveyard. Find charlie and stones.

JIm and Snakeskin romp about Corinthia.

House murdered.

Snakeskin and Jim take worm eggs with crazy guy, get arrested
Trial in Iota

Spirit day competitions

Jim is kidnapped, party travels through woods to rescue him
Jim escapes, meet in woods, return to get his stuff back

party run from a giant
party meet Starlight
party cross cain’s mountain cut through (Jampin wanders off)

Jan. 26 – Party solves a whodunnit, Caroline comes into some property
Feb. 2 –
Feb. 9 – Locked in sewer with poop cube
Feb. 16 – Rebellion in Cravia
Feb. 23 – Go w/ Icathar (head guard) to Scalanta, Snakeskin’s Mom, Hired to slay dragon
March 1 –
March 8 -
March 15 – (Wedding/Trivia?)
March 22 – Planned Dragon fight in Scalanta
March 29 – Bought meat cart, Arrive at the Dragon
April 5 – No session (PAX EAST)
April 12 – Rethinking fighting a dragon, the room of doors
April 19 – Party enters the Feywild, meet Helveticus
April 26 – Entered Faun Ost ‘City in the Clouds’. Met Landowyn, Dodd; “Business” is conducted.
May 3 – (Regis & Brett out of town)
May 10 – Breakfast interrupted, escape from Faun Ost.

Quick Log

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