Poop Cube

A condensed cube of feces that, with a little touch of magic, terrorizes all who approach it.


Usually inhabiting sewers and other areas of large fecal containment, poop cubes form when these dirty, awful matters well up in a crevasse or pit and solidify into a sloppy mess. Due to the unusually gross grossness of the poop cube’s components, any living object that comes in contact with the cube will experience severe acidic burns and usually deterioration of flesh.

Not all poop cubes remain seated where they form. Some are special and receive a blessing from the God of Feces, Stinkertius, allowing them become animated and move freely. These are commonly referred to as “Poopnocchios.” Naturally, living life as an amalgam of doo doo causes the animated poop cube to react to the outside world negatively. However, some poop cubes instead wish to love the world and be accepted. This wish is fruitless as their advances for hugs are seen as grotesque poop cubery and met with disgust.

The life of a poop cube is often smelly, depressing, and brief.


The LEague of the Talking Skull met their first poop cube in the last leg of Cain’s Mountain Cut Through. Only suffering a few minor burns and stained clothes, the gang made it out safely after vanquishing the cube. Due to his lack of mouth, the poop cube was unable to share its true thoughts with the league before being murdered

The poop cube encountered by the League called himself Vivian. Vivian’s contact with humans was quite limited and thus was unable to know his chosen name belonged to the opposite sex. Ever since he was a poop pile, Vivian dreamed of being an adventurer and once he gained independent thought, he figured that was his big chance. The League happened to pass by soon after his animation. Vivian tried to join the group, following them as they recoiled, absorbing them in himself as a sort of hug, and telling them jokes (BURBLE BURBLE BURBLE BURBLE BURBLE? BURBLE! PFFFTTTHT). The League retaliated with violence, eventually killing Vivian.

Vivian now resides in poop heaven with Stinkertius, spending his days being slimy and not moving.

Poop Cube

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