• Caroline Spaughbar

    Caroline Spaughbar

    An elf as fair as her last name is coarse, she also loves horses.
  • House


    A doctor from a parallel universe who believed his days as a fantasy healer were simply a drug addled dream.
  • Jampin Jehosaphat

    Jampin Jehosaphat

    A metrosexual tiefling who speaks Abyssal.
  • Jim Halberd

    Jim Halberd

    A scheming eladrin who recently converted to a disciple of Balinor.
  • Snakeskin Jones

    Snakeskin Jones

    A lightning breathing dragonborn who's as sweet as he is simple and as scary as he is strong.
  • Caliban


    A traveling gem appraiser and reseller.
  • Errol Greenwick

    Errol Greenwick

    Half-elf member of Corinthia's board of policy.
  • Good Natured Nick

    Good Natured Nick

    A dragonborn shop owner who is too nice for his own good.
  • Henry Oraci

    Henry Oraci

    A potions shop owner in Corinthia who dresses as a wizard to peddle his goods.
  • Poop Cube

    Poop Cube

    A condensed cube of feces that, with a little touch of magic, terrorizes all who approach it.
  • Starlight


    A demon fighter who resides at the mouth of both The Hell Pitt and Cain's Mountain Cut Through.
  • Tabaqui


    A gnomish bard known as Tiddlywinks or Tumblewicks to people who don't really know him well.
  • Traveling Pot Seller

    Traveling Pot Seller

    Pots, pots! I've got pots, pots, and even more pots!